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1h 42m Drama, Australia, Australian 1990

An old German man stands trial in Australia after a woman on television accuses him of Nazi atrocities.

A man well-settled into the Autumn of his life, Joe Mueller (Oscar® nominee Max von Sydow, The Exorcist) is lovingly supported by his daughter, Anne (Carol Drinkwater, All Creatures Great And Small), and her husband, Bobby (Steve Jacobs, Blue Murder), a close-knit family ill-prepared for the dark secrets that are about to be uncovered.

Tracked down by Holocaust survivor Iya Zetnick (AFI Award winner Julia Blake, Travelling North) Joe is soon exposed as a concentration camp functionary responsible for murdering her family back in Lithuania. Branded a war criminal and subject to all manner of speculation and charge, his family is his only refuge. But when Anne discovers the extent of her father’s suspicious past, she is unwittingly torn between the devastating truth and her loyalty to family.

In the tradition of Music Box and The Reader, winner of two AFI Awards, Father, explores a universal story that lurks deep in the shadows of the past to forever haunt our perception of history.


Max Von Sydow (Joe Mueller) , Carol Drinkwater (Anne Winton) , Julia Blake (Iya Zetnick)


John Power





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