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The Tale of Ruby Rose

1h 42m Drama, Horror, Thriller, Australia, Australian 1987

The story of a woman's quest to break out of the isolated and demanding farm life that she leads and find something more challenging.

During the 1930’s, in the remote highlands of Australian Tasmania, Ruby Rose (Melita Jurisic, Mad Max: Fury Road) lives with her husband, Henry (Chris Haywood, Muriel’s Wedding), and stepson, Gem (Rod Zuanic, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome). Ruby is alone for much of the time and, afraid of night’s darkness, she concocts elaborate mythical stories to help her survive, retreating into a private world. Eventually, she sets out to reconnect with her estranged father, and in the process transcends the very fear that has gripped her so tightly.


Melita Jurisic (Ruby Rose) , Chris Haywood (Henry Rose) , Rod Zuanic (Gem)


Roger Scholes