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The Lighthorsemen

1h 56m Drama, War, History, Australia, Australian 1987

World War I Australian cavalrymen fight the Germans and the Turks, ending in a charge at Beersheba.

In the great Australian spirit of courage and high adventure, comes a true blue legend from the creators of Phar Lap and The Man From Snowy River. Four gallant men of the Australian Light Horse Regiment are thrust into the last great cavalry charge when the British campaign in Palestine becomes stalemated in 1917. In a desperate attempt to aid the Allies’ cause, 800 young Australian horsemen set off against gunfire and insurmountable odds in a last ditch attempt to save the attacking British soldiers from imminent annihilation by the Turco-German Army.

With a crisp new high definition transfer epically framed by Academy Award® winning cinematographer Dean Semler, The Lighthorsemen is an action-packed heroic gallop into Australia’s wartime history.


Gary Sweet (Frank) , Jon Blake (Scotty) , Peter Phelps (Dave Mitchell) , Sigrid Thornton (Anne)


Simon Wincer