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A Town Like Alice Season 1

3 Episodes Drama

Chronicling the life of Jean Paget and Joe Harmon, from their first meeting in the jungles of Malaysia to the Australian outback.

Helen Morse (Picnic at Hanging Rock) and Bryan Brown (Breaker Morant) star alongside Gordon Jackson (The Great Escape) and Yuki Shimoda (Auntie Mame) in the landmark mini-series based upon Nevil Shute’s (On the Beach) bestselling epic, A Town Like Alice. Chronicling the lives of Jean Paget (Morse) and Joe Harmon (Brown), this sweeping story takes us from their first meeting in the jungles of Malaya as prisoners of the Japanese army during World War II to the Australian outback where years apart due to tragedy and circumstance threaten to shatter their reunion. For as the years since Malaya had passed and Jean had thought Joe murdered by their captors, another man, Noel Strachan (Jackson) had entered her life with news of a family inheritance and intentions of his own. Winner of the International Emmy® for Drama in 1981, A Town Like Alice is still regarded as one of the greatest mini-series produced for Australian television.


Helen Morse (Jean Paget) , Bryan Brown (Joe Harmon) , Gordon Jackson (Noel Strachan) , John Lee (Lester 'Les' Robinson)


David Stevens


Episode 1

1h 41m

A group of British rubber planters are captured in Japanese-controlled Malaya during WWII.

Episode 2

1h 42m

The Women seek refuge in a Malay village for the duration of the war.

Episode 3

1h 42m

Joe and Jean have a strained reunion as Strachan heads to Queensland.