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Sara Dane Season 1

8 Episodes Drama

A convict girl must fight a courageous battle for her freedom and status.

From the producers of “Breaker Morant” and “Storm Boy” comes this lavish Australian mini series. Based on the best-selling novel by Catherine Gaskin, SARA DANE tells the epic story of a poor, impish convict girl determined to escape a life of depravation and join the ranks of the colonial gentry.


Juliet Jordan (Sara Dane) , Brenton Whittle (Jeremy Hogan) , Harold Hopkins (Andrew Maclay)


Gary Conway


Rod Hardy


Episode 1


Sara Dane is falsley accused of theft and thrown into the hold of a ship bound for a penal colony in Australia.

Episode 2


After landing in Sydney Sara struggles to find a futting in the small town and decides to head to Parramatta to find farming land.

Episode 3


As drunken convicts attack the Maclay farm, Sara and Hogan attempt to keep things under control.

Episode 4


Jeremy Professes his love to Sara, who has now become an aggressive business women.

Episode 5


Sara meets a French man on a trip to Australia while Andrew insists he and Sara should attend the Governors reception.

Episode 6


Following a breakout, a group of rebel convicts hold up Sara and Andrew’s carriage.

Episode 7


After suffering domestic troubles Louis questions if Sara should run the orphanage along with her other business.

Episode 8


Against the wishes of Louis Sara heads to Sydney to visit Jeremy Hogan.