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Midnite Spares

1h 29m Crime, Comedy, Action, Australia, Australian 1983

A motley team of speedway freaks take on a massive car steaing and stripping racket in the west of sydney.

“There’s a helluva lot more action and crashes just in the trailer for MIDNITE SPARES than there is in the first two FAST AND FURIOUS movies put together!” - Quentin Tarantino

They didn’t get angry… they got even.

Set against a background of high-risk sprintcar driving, MIDNIGHT SPARES tells the action-packed story of a motley team of grease monkeys and speedway freaks who take on a massive car stealing and stripping racket in the west of Sydney. They quickly discover that they’re not only battling a tough and highly organised auto crime cartel – but also the bent cops who protect them.


Quentin Masters

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