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1h 26m Comedy, Crime, Action, Australia, Australian 1986
Best Film - AFI Award Winner

Malcolm, a young man with a genius for mechanical devices, turns to a life of crime in order to pay the bills.

This charming comedy is the story of slow-witted Malcolm (Colin Friels, Dingo) a young man with a genius for mechanical devices. When Malcolm loses his job as a conductor for building his own tram, he meets Frank (John Hargreaves, Long Weekend) a man with a shady past who moves in to help Malcolm pay the bills. Cue Malcolm’s unusual entry into a life of crime. Assisted by Frank, and the remote control tinker toys he once used to pick up milk from the corner shop, Malcolm lays his plans to pull off the heist of the century.

Nadia Tass’s Malcolm was originally released in 1986 and struck a national chord with the Australian public as a genuine expression of offbeat Australian humour.


Nadia Tass

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