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The Man from Coxs River

1h 24m Documentary, Adventure, History, Australia, Australian 2014

Can a mission to save a mob of brumbies in an inaccessible wilderness bring a fiercely independent horseman and a National Park Ranger together?

Luke Carlon is a man with an affinity for nature. His heritage is closely linked to the free-flowing Coxs river, a NSW region of wild animals and rugged wilderness, a place where his family has ridden horses since the 1820’s. But his trail riding company dissolved when the river was declared a wilderness area some 20 years ago. As tourism dropped off and the horse riding tours ceased, life and landscape changed dramatically for Luke and his family.

Despite the difficult history between the National Parks and the Carlon family, Ranger Chris Banffy seized an opportunity to involve Luke in a wildlife initiative. The region is threatened by a mob of wild brumbies inhabiting the Burragorang valley, a water catchment area sealed off to the general public for over fifty years. Classified as feral pests, National Parks need Luke’s help to remove the animals humanely as they pose a possible threat to Sydney’s water supply.

Luke’s formidable challenge is to track down the horses, lead them into a trap, break them in and drive them a bone-crunching 5 km up to another set of yards with truck access. Can Luke and his team lead the horses to safety and relocate them without injury? And will Luke and Chris learn to work together to see the landscape through each other’s eyes?


Chris Banffy (Himself) , Luke Carlon (Himself)


Russell Kilbey



Closed Captions [CC]




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