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Women He's Undressed

1h 40m Documentary, Australian 2015

A documentary about the life of the Australian costume designer and three time Oscar winner Orry-Kelly.

Women He’s Undressed is a cinema length documentary that explores the life of Australia’s most prolific costume designer. Until now Orry-Kelly has been unacknowledged in his country of birth and pretty well forgotten in the adopted country of his greatest success. During the boom years of Hollywood he was the costume designer on an astonishing 282 motion pictures. He designed for the stars like Marilyn Monroe, Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart, Rosalind Russell, Errol Flynn and many more of the immortals. His films included Some Like It Hot, Casablanca, An American in Paris and Now, Voyager.

Orry-Kelly (Jack to his friends) won three Academy Awards and was nominated for a fourth. He was Head of Warner Brothers Costume Department during the richest period of American film, the establishment of the dream factory and its effect on mass culture. He was outrageous, witty, outspoken, a drinker and uncompromising but he survived partially protected by his friendship with Jack and Ann Warner and gossip columnist Hedda Hopper and ultimately by his extraordinary talent.


Ann Roth (Self) , Jane Fonda (Self)





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