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The Unlikely Pilgrims

1h 30m Documentary, Adventure, Australia, Australian 2013

Ronan O'Connor sets out with a group of recovering drug addicts on the Camino de Santiago trek, and finds that things don't go according to plan.

Ronan O’Connor is a modern-day pilgrim who has completed the 800km Camino de Santiago trek five times. A respected counsellor in Australia, Ronan works with people who have both drug and mental health issues and decides to invite some of them on his latest Camino pilgrimage. Having just completed rehabilitation, it’s an ambitious and scary proposition for Dave, Chris and Amy. Each of them have personal issues, battling the likes of bipolar disorder, OCD, crippling paranoia, depression, and drug dependence. But Ronan challenges them to step out of their respective comfort zones, to develop peace, perspective, and a certain calm that comes from self-awareness. This is an opportunity for them to walk on their own two feet, to make the decision to walk each step. But it soon becomes a challenge the participants learn to both relish and despise, to welcome yet fear, as Ronan makes some controversial decisions along the way destined to affect every single one of them. The Unlikely Pilgrims is an intimate and inspiring journey of a film, set along an exquisite medieval pilgrimage route, where physical challenge meets internal battle as participants walk across a foreign land in search of something to help define their lives and existence.




John Cherry


Kirsten Mallyon





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