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The Wild Goose Lake

1h 51m Thriller, Crime, Drama 2019

A gangster on the run sacrifices everything for his family and a woman he meets while on the lam.

From the award-winning Director of Black Coal, Thin Ice – Diao Yinan – comes a stylish Chinese neo-noir thriller “that lives in its vibrant craft and fluid reimagining of scenarios” (Jessica Kiang, Variety).

On the run after accidentally killing a cop during a competition between rival gangs of thieves, gangster Zenong Zhou (Hu Ge, Nirvana in Fire) crosses paths with an innocent-looking woman named Aiai Liu with secrets of her own (Lun-Mei Kwei, Black Coal, Thin Ice). Determined to make sure that the bounty on his head is collected by his wife, Zhou enlists Lui’s aid – but can he trust her, or is the enigmatic young lady a pawn in somebody else’s game?


Yi'nan Diao





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