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Aznavour by Charles

1h 16m Documentary, Biography, Drama, Music 2019

An intimate portrait of the iconic singer, Charles Aznavour.

In 1948, Édith Piaf offered a Paillard-Bolex camera to Charles Aznavour, which would always be with him.

Until 1982, Charles filmed hours of reel, as he would have kept a diary. Wherever he goes, his camera is there with him, recording everything, the key moments of his life, his travels, his friends, his loves, his boredom. A few months before his passing, Aznavour began, together with filmmaker Marc di Domenico, the derailing of these films, and from them decided to make one film… his film.

An intimate portrait of one of France’s most beloved and celebrated talents, Aznavour by Charles, provides its audience with a picture of the world through his eyes and of the man himself.


Romain Duris (Narrator) , Charles Aznavour (Self)


Marc di Domenico


Charles Aznavour





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