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Top Knot Detective

1h 26m Action, Comedy, Crime, Australia, Australian 2017

This is the story of how a failed Japanese samurai series became an instant cult classic.

This mockumentary unravels the tale of how ‘Ronin Suiri Tantai’ made it to Australian screens back in the late 90’s, retitled as Top Knot Detective, and what really happened behind the scenes of this outrageous show.

The original Japanese series was legendary in its home country as being a cultural train-wreck, led by its insane writer/director/star, Takashi Takamoto. The rivalry between Takashi and co-star, Haruto Koike, is just the tip of this conspiratorial iceberg, leading back to Japanese conglomerate Sutaffu, and its CEO, Moritaro (coincidentally, Haruto’s father). On-screen, he battles robot ninjas & penis monsters. Off-screen, jealousy threatens to demolish his legacy.


Aaron McCann


Dominic Pearce


Japanese, English, Cantonese




Australia, Japan

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