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You Were Never Really Here

1h 30m Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Crime 2018

A tormented but brutal hired gun sets out to rescue a young girl from a sex ring.

Joe (Joaquin Phoenix, Her) is a hired gun who rescues trafficked girls, using brutal methods against those responsible. Caring for his elderly mother in his childhood home in New York City, he suffers from graphic flashbacks of his childhood, the abuse he and his mother faced from his violent father, his brutal past in the military and FBI, and suicidal thoughts. He embarks on a blood-drenched rescue mission, when Nina (Ekaterina Samsonov), the innocent 13 year-old daughter of an ambitious New York senator, doesn’t returns home. But amidst half-baked leads and a desperate desire to shake off the heavy burden of a personal hell, Joe’s frenzied plummet into the depths of Tartarus is inevitable, and every step Joe takes to flee the pain, brings him closer to the horrors of insanity.


Lynne Ramsay




United States, France, United Kingdom

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