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All Together Now Season 1

21 Episodes Comedy

The 70s meets the 90s in a classic Aussie Rock'n'Roll sitcom.

Back in 1972, Bobby Rivers (Logie winner Jon English, Against The Wind) and his rock band Still Waters were at the top of the pop charts with “Easy Street”, a catchy if not prophetic tune that defined an era of carefree living.

Fast forward to 1990, caught in a time-warp – Bobby is wistfully reminiscent of a time when long hair, love beads, incense, peace and harmony were part of the zeitgeist. Discovering he is the father of 15 year-old twins Anna (Jane Hall, Neighbours) and Thomas (Steve Jacobs), it’s hard to know who will have the hardest time adjusting to the new family and Bobby will need all the help he can get from long time friends Tracy Lawson (Logie and AFI Award winner Rebecca Gibney, Packed To The Rafters), Wayne Lovett (Bruno Lucia) and Doug Stevens (Garry Who). Series guest stars include: Lynda Stoner, Nadine Garner, John Wood, Tina Arena and John Waters.


Daddy Cool


Former 70s rock star Bobby Rivers discovers he has twin children: Anna and Thomas. Joined by long-term friend Tracy, they all move in with Bobby and come to terms with their new family model.



Coming to terms with his feelings for his father, Thomas wants to hire an actor to substitute for Bobby as his dad at the upcoming parent-teacher evening at school.

Born to be Wild


Bobby discovers Anna has a rocker as boyfriend and his fatherly instincts come to the surface when he finds out the boyfriend has spent one night in her room.

You've Got a Friend


Bobby is presented with a terrific opportunity to perform in the “Tivoli”. But a major setback muddies his enthusiasm when he loses his beloved guitar.

Are You Lonesome Tonight


Doug feels sorry for himself when he thinks he isn’t needed any more and decides to leave the house. But when the others notice him missing the mount a campaign to get him back.

I Hate the Music


Bobby is presented with a life-changing dilemma when he must choose between family and music after he is offered a six-month tour.



An old friend called Gloria wants to drop by and catch up with Bobby. But Tracy, wary of Gloria’s seductive past, is worried that she might be up to her old tricks again, whereas Thomas sees possibilities.

I Wanna Be Bobby's Girl


Thomas has an attack of jealousy when his new girlfriend develops a schoolgirl crush on Bobby. To make matters worse Tracy catches her kissing Bobby.

Watching The Detectives


Bobby buys Anna an expensive dress but when his Golden Record seems to go missing the others begin to worry that he sold it to fund the purchase. Anna composes a song for school.

Look What They've Done To My Song


Anna desperately wants a pair of Doc Martens for a special date. When an advertising company wants Bobby’s hit song for a commercial, Thomas jumps in ahead of Wayne to do the contract negotiations.

Whiter Shade Of Pale


When Thomas and Anna return drunk from a party Tracy has a go at Bobby for a lack of parental discipline and alarmingly declares that she wants to move out with the children.

Emotional Rescue


Doug has a moment of emotional weakness and thinks a complimenting Tracy is the perfect match for him.

The Green, Green Grass Of Home


When Bobby discovers a joint in the house, fingers are pointed everywhere and when no one confesses ownership everyone falls under suspicion.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight


Anna takes up a cause and becomes a formidable animal rights campaigner, costing Tracy a job. Meanwhile, Bobby and Doug discover a cat.

When A Man Loves A Woman


With a new woman by his side, Wayne (better known as Mario) seems to have changed completely. But when a stripper, ordered by Doug for a bachelor party, causes a commotion Wayne is left in the firing line.

Beast Of Burden


Bobby decides that, as head of the family, it’s time to take on a ‘real’ job. Meanwhile, Thomas opens a video delivery service, Anna tries to brush up on her cooking and Doug totals his taxi - which could mean the end of his days as taxi-driver.

This Old Heart Of Mine


Bobby collapses after a fight with Thomas and Wayne is the one who has to pass on the news from the hospital that Bobby has left.

Chanson D'Amour


When Tracy dates a French musician there is a concern that she may follow him to Paris to live happily ever after.

Yesterday's Hero


Bobby’s former band member, Lochie Burns pays a visit. Bobby is amazed to discover that while he remained in a time-warp, Lochie developed into a successful businessman.

Paperback Writer


Bobby attempts to sit down and write his memoirs, revisiting the fun days for all to read, but finds it much more difficult than he ever imagines.

The Great Pretender


There is a concern of plagiarism as the clan discover from the news that Bobby may have stolen someone else’s tune for his hit ‘Easy Street’.

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Blooper Reel


All the best bits that didn’t make the cut!