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Skippy Season 1

39 Episodes Adventure, Family

Sonny and his kangaroo Skippy live in Waratah National Park in New South Wales. Matt Hammond, Sonny's father is the park ranger. Skippy saves the day.

An irrepressible icon of Australian Pop culture, Skippy is not only a legend of the small screen but a true blue Aussie hero. The most successful series ever made in Australia, Skippy The Bush Kangaroo, has had sales in over 100 countries and remains our first homegrown international superstar. The grand expanse of Waratah National Park knows no bounds when Skippy is around to keep an eye and a paw on things - from shady poachers, unwelcome campers, deadly creatures and dangerous conditions - there is no shortage of peril and excitement to share. So join Sonny, Ranger Hammond, Jerry, Mark and Clancy on the complete journey of Skippy - from the tentative friendship of the first innocent episode to the final nailbiting conclusion - featuring all 3 action-packed seasons of the ever-reliable marsupial and his gumleaf whistling best friend.


Ed Devereaux (Matt Hammond) , Garry Pankhurst (Sonny Hammond) , Tony Bonner (Jerry King) , Liza Goddard (Clancy Merrick)






Skippy sounds the alarm when three men try to steal some Koalas from the Waratah National Park for Dr. Stark’s private zoo.

Sports Car Rally


A sports car club receive permission to run a rally through the Waratah National Park, to Matt’s disgust.

The Golden Reef


Sonny and Skippy discover two geologists diving on a reef in Waratah National Park. The geologists suspect that gold may have washed down the river and collected on the reef. Two criminals watch from afar, waiting for a chance to pounce.

Long Way Home


Doctor Stark offers Matt $1000 to buy Skippy, then attempts to kidnap her after he refuses.

Cage of Koalas


Dr Steiner arrives at Waratah National Park to undertake research on the koala population but immediately clashes with Ranger Hammond by insisting on keeping the koalas in cages.

The Lyre Bird


Skippy leads Sonny to an aspiring young ballerina who has been studying the dance of the lyrebird. When the lyrebird mimics an old man coughing, they search for a botanist who has been missing in the Waratah National Park for a few days.

Dead or Alive


A mysterious disease threatens to wipe out all animals in the Waratah National Park, and Skippy is suspected of being the carrier.

The Marine Biologist


Mark is annoyed when Ranger Hammond insists he spends the day assisting a marine biologist that is visiting the park. He changes his mind once he meets Dr Trout. Sonny and Skippy get into trouble while fishing.

No Time for Clancy


Clarissa “Clancy” Merrick arrives at the Waratah National Park to board with the Hammonds, but soon gets into trouble.

Time and Tide


Clancy borrows Dr Steiner’s camera but gets into trouble taking photos down by the river. The boys race to rescue her before the tide comes in.

Can You Keep a Secret?


After Clancy keeps a secret for Sonny, he agrees to take her up to visit his secret cave. There they get caught up in the escape plans of a desperate criminal.

The Swagman


A swagman passing through Waratah National Park strikes up a friendship with Sonny and makes Ranger Hammond question his assumptions.

The Honeymooners


When Sonny befriends a couple on their honeymoon in the National Park, the wife takes a real shine to Skippy. Soon it becomes clear she wants more from Skippy than friendship.

Many Happy Returns


Sonny gets his birthday wish when he flies with Jerry in the helicopter, but it takes an unexpected turn.

My Best Friend


Mark and Clancy try to help Sonny get good marks at school when they substitute his painting of Skippy with their own, but they create a dilemma when it is entered in a competition that attracts an international art critic’s attention.

When the Bough Breaks


Skippy rescues a three-month old baby from drowning in a river.

The Waratah Festival


A diamond thief has to join the Waratah National Park’s float in the Sydney Waratah Festival procession in order to retrieve a stolen bracelet that Skippy picked up after he dropped it.

Summer Storm


A huge storm sees the team from ranger headquarters involved in some dangerous rescues.

The Rustlers


Sonny takes a job with a team of sheep shearers to earn money for a present for his father’s birthday, unaware that the men are actually rustlers who intend to steal the wool.

Double Trouble


An actor hired by Dr. Stark attempts to discredit Matt while impersonating him by running a car containing his boss and a Government Senator off the road.



Dr. Stark gets one of his henchmen to impersonate zoologist Professor Lewis. Armed with a mace gun disguised as a camera, the henchman attempts to steal some female anteaters for breeding in Dr. Stark’s private zoo.

They're Singing Me Back


A young aboriginal woman with a beautiful singing voice is pulled between her dream to further her singing career and the call of her elders to return to her people.

Tara: Part 1


While exploring a cave, Sonny and Skippy find a secret entrance to a valley that was thought to be uninhabited and inaccessible. There, Sonny befriends Tara, an old Aboriginal man living happily on his own.

Tara: Part 2


When aboriginal elder Tara mistakes Jerry’s helicopter as a portent of death, Sonny and Matt seek help to stop him dying.

Surf King


With some help from Mark, Jerry makes an attempt to overcome injuries he sustained while rescuing a swimmer in trouble and win the main race at a surf carnival. Matt and Clancy are kept busy troubleshooting at the Waratah National Park.

The Runaway


A boy who has escaped from a youth correctional centre causes havoc in Waratah National Park.

The Last Chance


A film is being made in Waratah National Park. When the producers decide to include Skippy, she upstages all the human actors.

No Trespassers


A father and son boxing team set up camp in Waratah National Park to prepare for a big fight. When his son gets into a dangerous situation, the father is forced to realize what is really important.

Mayday: Part 1


Helicopter pilot Jerry plans to break the rules and visit a girl while on patrol. Before he gets a chance, he gets into trouble investigating a plume of smoke in the park.

Mayday: Part 2: Where There's Smoke


Jerry survives the helicopter crash but then has to face the music.

Date in Dalmar


While returning to Ranger Headquarters to meet Sir Adrian Gillespie, Matt, Sonny and Skippy stop to help a man who appears to be lying injured on the road, but the man produces a gun and orders Matt to drive him 80 miles to Dalmar.

The Empty Chair


When a mining company gets permission to search for oil in Waratah National Park, Sonny realizes that his swag-man friend, Mr Trundle, may be able to help.

Ten Little Visitors


Ten children from all over the world arrive for a tour of Waratah National Park and Sonny is appointed as their tour guide.

Aunt Evelyn


The Hammonds’ Aunt Evelyn visits the park and tries to convince Matt that Sydney is a better place to raise a young boy than the dangerous wilderness.

The Bushrangers


While left alone at Ranger Headquarters, Jerry is overpowered by burglars who steal everything that they can move. When Sonny and Skippy come across a group of people dressed like Ned Kelly, Sonny thinks they could be the burglars.

Man From Space


Skippy and Sonny come across an injured airman hanging by the cord of his parachute from a tree. Realising that the weight of his body is ripping the parachute and that it is only a matter of time before he falls to his death, Sonny sends Skippy for help.

Be Our Guest


Clancy’s mother is expected at Waratah National Park to check on how her daughter is going, but Clancy gets hopelessly lost after she is thrown off her horse, and is followed by a group of Aborigines.

The Long Night


Mark is accused of a hit-and-run accident that leaves a man badly injured, but the police who arrive to investigate are really industrial spies attempting to cover their tracks.

View Matt


Sonny overhears Matt receiving advice from his doctor to re-marry, and answers a woman’s lonely hearts newspaper advertisement in Matt’s name.

Bonus Content

Skippy and the Band

Skippy jumps into action and plays the piano and drums over the theme tune!