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Skippy Season 3

13 Episodes Adventure, Family

Sonny and his kangaroo Skippy live in Waratah National Park in New South Wales. Matt Hammond, Sonny's father is the park ranger. Skippy saves the day.

An irrepressible icon of Australian Pop culture, Skippy is not only a legend of the small screen but a true blue Aussie hero. The most successful series ever made in Australia, Skippy The Bush Kangaroo, has had sales in over 100 countries and remains our first homegrown international superstar. The grand expanse of Waratah National Park knows no bounds when Skippy is around to keep an eye and a paw on things - from shady poachers, unwelcome campers, deadly creatures and dangerous conditions - there is no shortage of peril and excitement to share. So join Sonny, Ranger Hammond, Jerry, Mark and Clancy on the complete journey of Skippy - from the tentative friendship of the first innocent episode to the final nailbiting conclusion - featuring all 3 action-packed seasons of the ever-reliable marsupial and his gumleaf whistling best friend.


Ed Devereaux (Matt Hammond) , Garry Pankhurst (Sonny Hammond) , Tony Bonner (Jerry King) , Liza Goddard (Clancy Merrick)




A Work of Art


Skippy makes friends with a famous, yet eccentric, wildlife painter who comes to the Waratah National Park on a commission from Sir Adrian Gillespie.

A Manner of Speaking


Mark accidentally releases a herd of Mr. Fiorini’s cows, and tries to make amends by learning Italian.

The Prince of Siam


Sonny gets a job with a local gardener so he can earn some pocket money to donate to charity. Skippy asks his bush friends to help search for a lost cat.

High Fashion


A beautiful fashion model and her demanding photographer come to the National Park for a photo shoot. When the young woman is bitten by a spider, Sonny steps up to take charge of the emergency.

El Toro


An echidna frightens a bull, causing it to run amok in the Waratah National Park during a holiday weekend.

Mr. Duffy


A strange Irishman bemuses the Hammonds by mending their shoes seemingly in the twinkling of an eye.

The Medicine Man


Sonny is not feeling well and Matt asks a friend to pick up some medicine in town. However, he gives Sonny some horse medicine instead. At the same time, Sonny fills the ranger station with animals causing chaos.

The Veteran


An abandoned sports-car leads Matt to a psychotic war hero who thinks he’s back in Burma.

The Rainmakers


A pilot with a cloud-seeding plane, an eccentric old inventor and a young Aborigine all make their own attempts to put an end to a dry spell that has hit the Waratah National Park.

Up the Waratahs


Two con men try to eliminate Mark Hammond, the local rugby union team’s captain, from the competition final.



Sonny visits a travelling carnival and meets a young girl who wants to be a clown. Skippy takes an interest in a wooden kangaroo on the carnival’s merry-go-round.

Pigeon Pair


Sonny discovers what he believes is a timebomb but his father identifies the device as a pigeon racing clock. Upon returning the clock to its eccentric owner, Sonny and Mark are introduced to the colourful world of pigeon racing.



After buying some wildflowers from a local florist who boasts that they have been freshly picked from the Waratah National Park, a furious Sir Adrian Gillespie orders the Hammonds to investigate. Matt thinks it could be the work of a person that they know only as “Fred”.

Bonus Content

Skippy Club Special: Skippy's Playground


Join hostess Bobbie Roberta Paterson at Waratah headquarters with Skippy and friends.

Please note that the footage is worn out over the years, but it is still as charming and nostalgic as ever!