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1h 24m Family, Drama, Australia, Australian 1983

A charming Australian family adventure, Molly captures the endearing friendship between a young girl and a most remarkable dog.

When weary Old Dan (Reg Lye, Smiley) collapses at Central Railway Station, he entrusts his beloved dog, Molly, to young Maxie (AFI Award winner, Claudia Karvan, The Secret Life of Us). New to Sydney and in desperate need of a friend, Maxie takes up the challenge wholeheartedly, developing a soft spot for her special new companion, a dog with the rare ability to sing in tune.

But Molly’s special talent catches the attention of short-order cook Jones (Logie Award winner Garry McDonald, Mother and Son), who will not stop until he makes the dog his own. A master of disguise, Jones sets out to gain Maxie’s confidence in any way he can in order to capture Molly. With a little youthful ingenuity and help from some colourful circus folk, Maxie keeps Molly from Jones’ evil clutches so she can keep singing her mellifluous melodies.

With jaunty sideshow tunes from Aussie music legend, Mic Conway, and the famed, Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Molly is a tail-wagging adventure of a truly gifted dog.


Claudia Karvan (Maxie Ireland) , Garry McDonald (Jones) , Ruth Cracknell (Mrs. Reach)


Ned Lander