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Blue Fin

1h 26m Adventure, Drama, Family, Australia, Australian 1978

Snook is always making mistakes, much to the chagrin of his father Pascoe. But when tragedy strikes, this young boy is called on to become a man.

From the makers of Storm Boy, Blue Fin is another inspirational tale of boyhood, adventure and discovery, set in the treacherous waters of the Southern Ocean. Adapted from a story by Colin Thiele, this high seas yarn is set among a small fishing community in South Australia’s Port Lincoln. Greg Rowe, who shot to superstardom as Storm Boy, stars as Snook, the young son of a surly, overbearing tuna-fishing captain (Hardy Kruger, Barry Lyndon). Constantly in the shadow of his father and older brothers, the accident prone young boy is told that he is unsuited to a life at sea. But when a treacherous storm virtually destroys the family trawler, and everyone on board, Snook endures the ultimate rite of passage. Beautifully directed by by Carl Shultz (Careful, He Might Hear You, Travelling North), this coming-of-age classic also stars John Jarrett (Picnic at Hanging Rock, Wolfcreek) and Hugh Keays-Byrne (Stone, Kangaroo).


Hardy Krüger (Bill Pascoe) , Greg Rowe (Steve 'Snook' Pascoe) , John Jarratt (Sam Snell)


Carl Schultz