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A Waltz through the Hills

2h 2m Adventure, Drama, Family, Australia, Australian 1988

An Indigenous Australian (Ernie Dingo) helps an orphaned brother and sister cross the outback to catch a ship to England.

Western Australia, 1954. Facing uncertainty, 11 year-old orphan Andy Dean and his 5 year-old sister fear that they will be separated and placed in foster homes. Determined to take charge of their own destiny, they set off alone on foot with the hope of reaching a ship that will take them to England to live with their only surviving relatives. Aided by a thoughtful local, Frank Smith (Ernie Dingo, Bran Nue Dae), the two young runaways face all manner of adversity and peril as they journey through some of Australia’s toughest countryside.

Based on the novel by G.M Glaskin and from the producer of Tracks of Glory and Ship To Shore, A Waltz Through The Hills is a touching Australian bush tale of sibling dedication and childhood adventure.


Dan O'Herlihy (Uncle Tom) , Ernie Dingo (Frank Smith)


Frank Arnold



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