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The Bloody Judge

1h 42m Horror, History 1970

The infamous 17th Century Witchfinder, Judge Jeffreys has the power to send practically anyone to their death.

Christopher Lee delivers one of his most unforgettable performances as Judge Jeffreys, the infamous 17th Century Witchfinder with the power to send practically anyone to their death. Jeffreys’ unholy obsession with a luscious wench fuels a jaw-dropping spree of torture, brutality and perversion. A fine international cast including Maria Rohm, Margaret Lee, Maria Schell, Howard Lee co-star in this epic of sexual violence and sadism, complete with a superb score by Bruno Nicolai. Directed by genius of schlock Jess Franco, who in this film lavishes special attention on authentic gothic interiors and lush exteriors. This is the most complete and uncensored version of The Bloody Judge ever released, painstakingly restored from various European vault elements and now including such never-before-seen sequences as Maria Rohm’s lesbian jailhouse encounter as well as additional nudity, bloodshed and what Christopher Lee himself calls “scenes of extraordinary depravity!”


Jess Franco

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Lichtensetin, Italy, Spain, West Germany