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1h 22m Science Fiction, Drama, Australia, Australian 1981

In a futuristic 21st Century, a photographer must find a new model for his magazine and navigate between the demands of work and love.

In a world at the brink of the 21st century, where strict social stratification is rigidly enforced, spending power is related to social utility rather than to productivity, and the only manifestation of violence is in magazine pages, a photographer with a special talent of mixing violence and sex is told to find a fresh new girl to rejuvenate the pages of the magazine. Gerard (Paul Trahair) not only fulfils his task, but also rediscovers innocence and a world left behind by advancing technology when he uncovers Niki (Kylie Foster, Quigley Down Under). But love is not in the Editor’s plans and he offers Niki a choice, stardom or the love of a redundant photographer.

The directorial debut of Tony Peterson (veteran Ozploitation editor behind Mad Max, Fantasm Comes Again and The Survivor) Centrespread depicts an ominous new society where old-fashioned love battles against sexual availability in a world invaded by rules, regulations and computer control.


Kylie Foster (Niki) , Paul Trahair (Gerard)


Tony Paterson