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1h 22m Horror, Australia, Australian 1980

A young girl inadvertently causes her mother's death in a car crash. Years later, horrible things begin to happen on the set of her new play.

In this textbook example of 80’s slash trash, an aspiring actress (Jenny Neumann, Hell Night), haunted by the childhood memory of her mother being thrown through a car window, finds herself trapped at the centre of a brutal killing spree as one by one, her fellow thespians are butchered by a psychopath with a sliver of glass.

Adding non-stop bloodshed to his successful cinematic recipe of softcore sex and ample naked flesh, Ozploitation auteur, John D. Lamond (Felicity) takes on the stalk ‘n slash genre with a vengeance in this infamous home-grown Halloweenclone. Proudly high on body count (including a notoriously graphic full-frontal thrill kill scene) and thankfully low on subtext, Nightmares offers the rare opportunity to see a host of famous Aussie faces (Gary Sweet, Briony Behets, John Michael Howson and others) dispatched in the most gruesome ways imaginable.


Gary Sweet (Terry Besanko) , Jenny Neumann (Helen Selleck)


John D. Lamond





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