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1h 30m Drama, Romance, Exploitation, Erotic 1979

Teenage boarding student, Felicity, seeks indulgence in popular erotic novels and a lesbian love affair with her friend, Jenny.

Felicity (Glory Annen) is a sheltered teen who surrenders her blossoming body to a world of bold sexual adventure in this homegrown erotic sin-sation by sexy Ozploitation auteur, John D. Lamond. From taboo-breaking pleasures at an all girls Catholic school, to wanton delights in the exotic underground of Hong Kong, join Felicity as she finally liberates her libido in the Far East with the help of Penthouse pet and Bond girl, Joni Flynn (Octopussy). Hailed as Australia’s most erotic screen odyssey and celebrated in the documentary ‘Not Quite Hollywood’, Felicity captures the sensual and sumptuous flavour of Bilitis, Emmanuelle and Story of O in its classic tale of burgeoning sexuality and the ultimate search for forbidden ecstasy.


Glory Annen (Felicity)


John D. Lamond