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1h 58m Action, Science Fiction 2020

A spaceship stadium hovers over Earth, which hosts sports events that resemble soccer but at mind-boggling speeds. The name of the game is Cosmoball.

In the aftermath of a galactic war, the Earth’s Moon was destroyed and the poles of the planet disappeared…

Now the once chilly climate of Moscow resembles a dystopian cyberpunk Brazil where representatives of different races and subcultures – weirdos, exotic animals, and miracles of engineering – coexist on sun-drenched streets. Hovering over Earth is an enormous stadium where the intergalactic sport Cosmoball is held. When the game is on, the whole world stops in its tracks to watch as the outcome of each match determines the fate of the planet.

Anton, a young man gifted with the power of teleportation, joins Earth’s team of hot-headed superheroes in exchange for a cure to his mother’s deadly illness. Fighting to defend Earth’s honour in the Cosmoball arena, the four young champions soon find themsellves facing an ancient threat to the galaxy itself and must embrace their destiny!


Dzhanik Fayziev


English dubbed



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