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Super Mario Bros

1h 45m Comedy, Fantasy, Family, Adventure 1993

Can two plumbers save the world from going down the drain?

Loved by young fans of the Super Mario Bros video game, made with a huge budget and stellar cast, this sci-fi action thriller from 1993 has attained cult status for its audacious script and special effects.

Buckle up and hang on tight - the discovery of a parallel universe launches you into the adventure of a lifetime! Mario and Luigi, two wacky plumbers, undertake a daring quest to save a princess in ““Dinohattan”” - a hidden world where the inhabitants evolved from dinosaurs! Mario (Bob Hoskins - Who Framed Roger Rabbit) and Luigi (John Leguizamo) face deadly challenges from a diabolical lizard king (Dennis Hopper - Apocalyspe Now) and must battle giant reptilian goombas, outwit misfit thugs, and undermine a sinister scheme to take over the world! Blast off for nonstop excitement with the first ever live-action adaptation of a popular video game.


Annabel Jankel


Rocky Morton



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United Kingdom, United States