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1h 54m Drama, Science Fiction, Adventure 2022

After the collapse of Earth's ecosystem, a 13-year-old girl must rely on her wits to unlock the key to creating an ulternative future.

After the collapse of Earth’s ecosystem, Vesper, a strong-willed 13-year-old girl, uses her survival skills to subsist in the decaying remnants of the collapsed world with her ailing father, Darius. When Vesper finds a mysterious woman, Camellia, alone and disoriented after a jet crash, she agrees to help her find her missing companion in exchange for being taken to the Citadel – the dark central hub where oligarchs use genetic technologies to rule the world. Vesper soon discovers her evil neighbour, Jonas, may be responsible for the tragedy of Camellia’s crash.

Forced into a dangerous adventure culminating in a violent showdown, Vesper must rely on her wits and bio-hacking abilities to unlock the key to creating an alternate future.


Kristina Buozyte


Bruno Samper

Closed Captions [CC]



Belgium, France, Lithuania

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