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1h 35m Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller, Australia, Australian 2013

At a private clinic, a young nurse soon discovers that one of the comatose patients is quite sinister.

A clandestine tale of forbidden medical experiments and deadly obsession, set in a world of dark shadows and creeping disquiet, Patrick is a terrifying new name in visceral terror and electrifying suspense.

After the mysterious disappearance of a nurse at a remote private clinic, Kathy (Sharni Vinson, You’re Next) takes up the vacant role at ‘Roget Clinic’, a private hospital for the clinically comatose in a remote seaside town.

Kathy is placed under the imperious watch of Matron Cassidy (Academy Award® nominee Rachel Griffiths, Six Feet Under) and Dr. Sebastian Roget (Charles Dance, Game Of Thrones), a renegade neurologist operating at the fringes of medical society.

Despite her strong sense of foreboding and the dismal working conditions, Kathy is desperate to take up the post and overlooks the eeriness of the ward and the disturbing patients that reside there. Assigned to care for a mysterious coma patient simply known as Patrick (Jackson Gallagher, Home and Away), Kathy is ill prepared for the danger and destruction in store as Patrick’s telepathic powers and newfound affections for Kathy turn into a deadly and bloody obsession.


Charles Dance (Doctor Roget) , Rachel Griffiths (Matron Cassidy) , Sharni Vinson (Kathy Jacquard)


Mark Hartley