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Body Melt

1h 22m Horror, Comedy, Science Fiction, Australia, Australian 1993

A peaceful suburb falls victim to a new "body drug" that causes strange side effects.

A peaceful morning in suburban Pebbles Court is interrupted by a deafening car crash. What the residents fail to notice are the strange tentacles that erupt from the dead driver’s neck and force their way down his throat.

Senior detective Sam Phillips (Gerard Kennedy) and his rookie partner Johnno (Andrew Daddo) soon discover that this freak automobile accident is the result of a diabolical plan to experiment on the residents of Pebbles Court with a radical new designer drug. Some locals will survive the experiments, most won’t. And none of them will ever know what the hell is happening.

Boasting a cast of Aussie TV favourites, including Ian Smith, William McInnes and Lisa McCune, and graphic gore effects created by make-up master Bob McCarron (The Matrix, Braindead), Body Melt is a satirical, offbeat splatter film that is proudly “packed with more mucous, phlegm, puke, snot, slime and spit than you’d ever think possible” - Starburst.


Andrew Daddo (Johnno) , Gerard Kennedy (Detective Sam Phillips)


Philip Brophy





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