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1h 37m Thriller, Horror, Science Fiction, Mystery 2019

Gemma and Tom are looking to buy their first home but are unaware they are entering into the trap of YONDER.

Every house is identical. Every house is empty. Except for yours. Welcome to YONDER.

Gemma (Imogen Poots, I Kill Giants) and Tom (Jesse Eisenberg, The Art of Self Defence) are a young couple looking to take the next step in their relationship and own their first home. Sold on the prospect of an ideal suburban lifestyle at the newly opened YONDER, they drive out with enigmatic estate agent Martin (Jonathan Aris, Dracula) to take a look, and the trap is sprung.

In YONDER, the food they’re given has no taste, identical homes line identical streets tesselating toward the horizon underneath a sky dotted by uniform clouds, and every road leads right back to the new home that has become their prison.


Lorcan Finnegan

Closed Captions [CC]



Belgium, Denmark, Ireland

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