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Don's Party

1h 26m Comedy, Australia, Australian 1976

Mr. And Mrs. Donald Henderson request your presence at a little get-together... with a lot of booze!

When you mix a left-wing teacher, a loud-mouthed sex maniac, a mild-mannered accountant, a failed philosopher, a promiscuous 19-year-old nymphette, a frustrated wife, a drunken pornographer, a sexy temperamental artist and an arrogant dentist, with a lot of booze… anything can happen!

Adapted by David Williamson from his own hit stage play, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Bruce Beresford (Breaker Morant, The Club), and starring the A-list of local talent (including Graham Kennedy, John Hargreaves, Graeme Blundell and Ray Barrett), Don’s Party is a crowd-pleasing Aussie favourite.


John Hargreaves (Don) , Jeanie Drynan (Kath) , Graham Kennedy (Mac)


Bruce Beresford