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Hercules Returns

1h 20m Comedy, Australia, Australian 1993

After sabotage on the opening night of a cinema, the projectionist and publicist are forced to improvise voice-overs for the entire film.

Starting off in the late 80s as a live comedy show from the Melbourne troupe Double Take, revoicing B-grade masterpieces such as Astrozombies and Gene Autry, Hercules Returns is the screen adaptation of the popular show.

Hercules Returns is the story of Brad McBain (David Argue, Razorback), a frustrated employee of Australia’s largest cinema chain. Brad decides to quite his job and sets about re-opening the Picture Palace, a disused cinema in the Melbourne suburb of St Kilda, to show classic old films.

An act of the sabotage on the opening night sees their first film, the 1964 Italian film Samson and His Mighty Challenge, swapped out for a non-subtitled print. As a desperate measure, Brad rallies his projectionist Sprocket (Bruce Spence, Mad Max II) and publicist Lisa (Mary Coustas, TVs Acropolis Now) to improvise voice-overs for the entire film, with hilarious results, to avert disaster.

Cinematographer David Parker (Malcolm) makes his directorial debut, with a screenplay by original Double Take star Des Mangan, also known for his curation of Cult Movies on SBS, and featuring the voice talents of the original Double Take team.