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Girl Asleep

1h 17m Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Australia, Australian 2015

What happens when one misstep forward is less of a trip and more of an adventure?

The world is closing in on 14 year-old Greta Driscoll (Bethany Whitmore, Mental). A teen at a cross roads, she can’t bear to leave her childhood behind because it contains all of the delightful things that give her comfort in this otherwise incomprehensible world. Existing in a bubble of security alongside her only friend, Elliott (Harrison Feldman, Upper Middle Bogan), Greta’s parents decide to throw her a surprise 15th birthday party where she’s taken well out of her comfort zone and flung into a strange parallel world of ludicrous circumstances and twisted logic, a place where only she can find herself.

A colourful coming-of-age tale set in 1970’s Australia, featuring funky music and inspired dance sequences, Girl Asleep is a bold journey into the absurd, scary and beautiful heart of the teenage mind.


Bethany Whitmore (Greta) , Harrison Feldman (Elliot) , Amber McMahon (Janet)


Rosemary Myers




Australia, New Zealand

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