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Houseboat Horror

1h 25m Cult, Horror, Australia, Australian 1989

A music video shoot on a tranquil lake turns into a smorgasboard of horror, death and blood gushing mayhem.

Before Tommy Wiseau entered The Room, and James Nguyen took flight with Birdemic, Ollie Martin welcomed audiences aboard Houseboat Horror. Shot on video, banned in Queensland and distributed with the world’s first ‘Gratuitous Violence & Blood Gush Guarantee’, Houseboat Horror is pure homegrown hilarity and quite possibly the most quotable film in (SOV) cinematic history!

When a music video shoot on the seemingly tranquil Lake Infinity turns into smorgasboard of horror, death and blood-gushing mayhem, it can only mean one thing… Acid Head, a horribly scarred axe-weilding maniac with a grudge against interlopers, is loose! Starring a veritable who’s who of 80’s Australian talent including Alan Dale (Neighbours), Christine Jeston (The Young Doctors), Gavin Wood (Countdown), Des ‘Animal’ Mckenna (Hey Hey, It’s Saturday) and John Michael ‘Hollywood’ Howsen, Houseboat Horror also features a slew of knockout song hits by The Uncanny X-Men’s Brian Mannix.


Kendal Flanagan


Ollie Martin