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Night of Fear

53m Horror, Thriller, Australia, Australian 1973

An insane sadistic hermit stalks and captures those who get lost in his part of the woods.

A deranged and reclusive stranger delights in dismembering unwary travellers and keeping company with a colony of rats fed on blood. When a young women crashes into one of this misfit’s ghoulish traps, so begins ‘an unremitting avalanche of terror’ (The Australian) as she is relentlessly stalked and terrorised.

Unseen for over 30 years and originally branded ‘the film they didn’t want you to see’, Night of Fear became Australia’s most controversial movie of the 1970’s. The film’s producers fought a running, defiant battle with the censors, after initially being banned outright on the grounds of ‘indecency and obscenity’.


Norman Yemm (The Man) , Carla Hoogeveen (The Woman)


Terry Bourke





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