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1h 31m Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Australia, Australian 1977

Simon arrives in a small seaside community to take over as teacher at the local school and discovers that his predecessor vanished without a trace.

When teacher, Simon Robinson (Nick Tate), arrives in a small secluded village to take over the local school, he is surprised to discover that his predecessor has disappeared without a trace, and that nobody seems too concerned. As Simon probes deeper into the disappearance, the inhabitants of an ominous estate called Summerfield take on greater significance, until events reach a tragic, shattering and unforeseen climax.

Described by David Stratton as a “tantalisingly tense mystery”, Nick Tate, John Waters, Elizabeth Alexander and Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell star in this mysterious and menacing thriller directed by Ken Hannam (Sunday Too Far Away) and featuring a haunting score from Bruce Smeaton (Picnic at Hanging Rock).


Nick Tate (Simon Robinson) , John Waters (David Abbott) , Charles "Bud" Tingwell (Dr. Miller)


Ken Hannam