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1h 30m Horror, Thriller 2015

Deep in the English moors, a sociopath preys on innocent people, until one day his secrets are finally revealed.

When young businessman, Jake (Rupert Hill), crashes his car in the country side, nothing prepares him for the twisted madness that unfolds before him. Taken in by reclusive farmer, Morris (Tony Curran, The Pillars of the Earth), he is cared for at the seemingly peaceful home shared with his sheltered daughter, Lauren (Diana Vickers, The Perfect Wave). But as a bond forms between Jake and Lauren, nurture turns nasty and innocence is no longer an excuse for the demented and bloody power play that Jake finds himself in the middle of. Like a fly to a spider - the sticky web is merely the beginning of the end.

A thrilling journey into the heart of horror in the visceral tradition of Misery, We Are What We Are, and 100 Bloody Acres, Awaiting captures an otherwise intense side of sleepy rural life.


Diana Vickers (Lauren) , Rupert Hill (Jake) , Tony Curran (Morris)


Mark Murphy





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