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Original Schtick

52m Documentary, Comedy, Australia, Australian 1999

The bittersweet process of an American artist’s frenzied attempt to achieve fame and recognition through manufacturing his own hype.

Back in the late 1990’s, long before social media, self-promotion and hype-building happened in real time and space. During that time, Robert (Bob) Fischer swept through the Melbourne arts scene like a tornado. Original Schtick follows the path of destruction and chaos carved through the lives and careers of Melbourne’s fine arts community by this one-man nouveau-pop art tornado. Bob Fischer is a brash, hyper-confident American artist who plunges himself into a whirlpool of self-hype, side-hustling and media frenzy with unconcealed ambition, egotistical zeal, and an unshakeable belief in his own greatness. As dissatisfaction against the interloper escalates, a series of disclosures paints Bob into a corner. The result of all this obnoxious chaos and intrigue is a funny and crazy insight into the machinations of a publicity-hungry artist and the lengths people will go to attract attention and chase some cash.


Maciek Wszelaki





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