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Besieged - The Ned Kelly Story

53m Documentary, Australian 2003

Outlaw, freedom fighter or cold blooded murderer? The story behind Australia's greatest enigma.

The exploits of Ned Kelly, Australian icon and notorious outlaw regularly raise questions amongst historians and social commentators of injustice and oppression. Thought a hero by some and a terrorist by others, this documentary sets out to examine the man as an enigma , the many prickly issues and to tell the historically accurate story. Besieged - The Ned Kelly Story examines the life of the infamous bushranger, expounds the legend from early indiscretions and the formation of his gang through to the violent killings at Stringy Bark Creek, culminating in his explosive last stand and shoot out at Glenrowan. With all the available facts in hand, was Ned Kelly an outlaw, a freedom fighter or simply a murderer with a message?


Barrie Dowdall


Gregory Miller





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