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Rough Stuff

2h 0m Adventure, Comedy, Australia, Australian 2017

A rag-tag group of treasure hunters travels into the bush in search of a legendary stash of gold.

Buzz (Gareth Rickards) has been to damn near every corner of the continent searching for the legendary Stray’s Gold, a haul that will keep him in parts and petrol for the rest of his days. Just as he is ready to give up, Buzz is approached by Eric (Jamie Kristian), who has come into possession of a map to Stray’s Gold. Eric is happy to part with the map in exchange for passage. He and his activist friends, Tori (Hayley Sullivan), Skye (Katie Garfield), and Tom (Adam Horner) want to stage a protest at the site of a new mine from mega mining company Madsen Minerals, headed by nefarious billionaire Daniel Madsen (Robert Babin). To get to the mine unseen, they must travel through the impenetrable Mamuya Valley. With his last chance to fulfil his dream, Buzz convinces his ragtag crew of Rovers, Abe and Scraps (Vincent Andriano and Sam Glissan), to follow him on one last quest for the lost gold. The Rovers and Activists embark on the greatest adventure of their lives. But soon tensions rise and ulterior motives are revealed, with exciting off-road chases, daring rescues and amazing discoveries to follow.


Gareth Rickards (Buzz) , Vincent Andriano (Abe) , Katie Garfield (Skye)


Jonathan Adams