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The Last Days of Chez Nous

1h 33m Comedy, Drama, Romance, Australia, Australian 1992

A writer's husband sleeps with her sister and her teenage daughter falls in love.

Beth (Lisa Harrow in an AFI Award winning performance) is a modern matriarch doing her best to raise her teenage daughter, Annie (Miranda Otto, Lord of The Rings Trilogy), whilst enjoying the best of an easy-going marriage to Frenchman, JP (Bruno Ganz, Downfall). When younger sister, Vicki (Kerry Fox, Bright Star), returns from abroad and moves into the household, she is instantly drawn to the ideal family structure and develops a longing for what is missing in her own life. As Beth takes a trip with her dad (Bill Hunter, Muriel’s Wedding), she leaves JP and sister Vicki behind, unaware of the smouldering love triangle that has developed between them and the turbulence that lies ahead.


Lisa Harrow (Beth) , Bruno Ganz (J.P.) , Kerry Fox (Vicki) , Miranda Otto (Annie) , Bill Hunter (Beth's Father)