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1h 32m Drama, Romance, Australia, Australian 1986

PC does a 360 degree jump on his windsurfer board, a cute singer is the only witness, so PC looks for her. He's in love, but it's not mutual.

Stewart Simpson (Tom Burlinson, Phar Lap, The Man From Snowy River) lives in a magnificent beachfront home with his wealthy father, and indulges his passion for windsurfing on a daily basis. His father (Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell) may fault him for not working a regular job, but he can appreciate his son’s remarkable abilities on the waves. Jade (Nicole Kidman in her first adult role) is an alluring rock singer who starts a romance with P.C., but as the romance blooms, sport, friends and an upcoming championship become secondary. After several setbacks, P.C. could wipe out completely. A hit with young audiences both in Australia and the U.S.A., Windrider features heart-stopping windsurfing sequences and the stunning scenery of coastal Western Australia.


Nicole Kidman (Jade) , Tom Burlinson (Stewart 'P.C.' Simpson)


Vincent Monton





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