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1h 48m Drama, Romance, Australia, Australian 1979

Mary is a single businesswoman in her 40's. Tim is a young day labourer who works in her yard...

Lonely, middle-aged career woman, Mary Horton (Piper Laurie) hires a handsome, young, and mentally handicapped man named Tim to do yard-work. At first keeping her distance, Mary is drawn closer to Tim, and as the weeks pass they form a bond. As the relationship deepens into romantic love, Tim’s older sister, Dawn (Deborah Kennedy) resents Mary’s intrusion into their lives and doubts the purity of the older woman’s intentions.

Based on a novel by Colleen Mccullough, best selling author of The Thorn Birds, and starring a 22 year-old Mel Gibson in his third on-screen role, Tim is a 1970’s Australian classic that won AFI Awards for Best Actor (Mel Gibson), Supporting Actress (Pat Evison) and Supporting Actor (Alwyn Kurts).


Deborah Kennedy (Dawnie Melville) , Mel Gibson (Tim Melville) , Piper Laurie (Mary Horton)


Michael Pate





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