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Break of Day

1h 42m War, Australian 1976

Tom returns from Gallipoli to find he is dissatisfied with life and disinterested in his wife.

Tom Cooper (Andrew McFarlane) is a young married man recently returned from Gallipoli to small town country life. Tom is dissatisfied with life and disinterested in his pregnant wife (Ingrid Mason). He begins an affair with an artist, Alice (Sara Kestelman), who has rented a cottage by the beach for her painting. However the arrival of Alice’s friends complicates their newfound relationship.

Directed by Ken Hannam (Sunday Too Far Away) and written by screenwriter Cliff Green (Picnic at Hanging Rock), Break of Day explores the devastating effect of the First World War on young soldiers, based on their diaries and illustrates the flipside of the Anzac legend - Australian men who came back angry and alienated from their mates.

Break of Day features AFI award-winning cinematography from Academy Award winner Russell Boyd, aptly evocative of Australian landscape painting.


Ken Hannam





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