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1h 22m Drama, Adventure, Romance, Australia, Australian 1937

A young novelist decides to penetrate the unknown Kimberly Ranges in search for the mythical white ruler of an Indigenous tribe.

Master filmmaker Charles Chauvel (Jedda, Forty Thousand Horsemen) delivers an exciting tale of high peril, inland exploration and forbidden romance in Uncivilised. Filmed on location in 1937, this film tells the story of high society author, Beatrice Lynn (Margot Rhys). Unfulfilled and looking for inspiration, she heads into the wilds of northern Australia in search of an Indigenous tribe ruled by a white man named Mara (Dennis Hoey, Inspector Lestrade in the Sherlock Holmes series). Battling the heat and extremes of the outback, Beatrice is caught up in a smuggling ring and captured against her will, fearful that she will never return home. However, when she is sold on to Mara as a potential bride, Beatrice finally faces her man and must consider the true nature of her incredible predicament.


Margot Rhys (Beatrice Lynn) , Dennis Hoey (Mara the White Chief)


Charles Chauvel



Closed Captions [CC]




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