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The Coca-Cola Kid

1h 37m Romance, Australia, Australian 1985

A young Coca-Cola marketer tries to boost sales in Australia when he discovers a dry spot in the Outback, where everyone is guzzling homegrown brew.

In this small Australian town, no one ever drinks a drop of Coke, and instead consumes a local soft drink created by old-time soda baron, T. George McDowell. Enter Becker (Eric Roberts, The Dark Night), a young marketing gun from the US who makes it his mission to plug this black hole in Coke’s quest for global domination. Pursued by his beautiful and besotted secretary (Greta Scacchi, The Player, Looking for Alibrandi), who is also McDowell’s daughter, the self-styled ‘Coca Cola Kid ’ remains focused on crushing the competition, and launches a national marketing campaign featuring a theme song by Tim Finn. But when the Kid tries to infiltrate the renegade soft-drink operation his crusade fizzles in the wake of some unexpected romance. A bubbly blend of love story and comedy that’s sure to refresh!


Dusan Makavejev





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