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Ginger Meggs

1h 38m Children’s, Australian 1982

The escapades of Ginger Meggs, local larrikin.

Based on Jim Bancks’s much-loved Australian comic strip, first appearing in 1921, GINGER MEGGS is the live-action adaptation of a tale about an unruly, young mischief maker who is constantly getting himself in trouble in spite of his good intentions.

In an Australian country town in the 1940s, Ginger Meggs’ (Paul Daniel) reputation precedes him – he is a headstrong and boisterous prankster who plays truant, gets involved in fights and tells tall tales. While searching for his stolen monkey, Ginger encounters a jewel thief and sets out to win the heart of childhood crush Minnie Peters (Shelley Armsworth).

However, along with the never-ending nuisance of school life, his rival Eddie Coogan, and bully Tiger Kelly – life can be tough for a young upstart - especially if there’s fishing to be done!


Jonathan Dawson