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1h 52m Australian, Horror, Australia 1978

At the mysterious Roget clinic lies Patrick, a murderous obsessive patient - with psychic powers...

In room 15 of the mysterious Roget clinic lies a young comatose murderer named Patrick. His doctor thinks he’s nothing more than 170 pounds of limp meat hanging off a comatose brain, but a young nurse, Kathy (Susan Penhaligon from The Uncanny), knows very differently. Patrick has burgeoning psychic powers and a crush on Kathy, and his affection is about to turn into a deadly obsession.

From acclaimed Hitchcock protege, Richard Franklin (Road Games, Psycho II), comes this unsettling tale of telekinetic terror. Boasting an inventive screenplay from veteran genre scribe, Everett DeRoche (Long Weekend), and a number of memorably shocking set pieces (including a bathtub electrocution and a climactic death leap), Patrick is not only Ozploitation filmmaking at its inventive, stylish best, but also a superior supernatural chiller.


Richard Franklin

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