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Ismael's Ghosts

2h 14m Drama, Romance, Thriller, Mystery 2017

The story of a filmmaker whose life is sent into a tailspin by the return of a former lover, just as he is about to start shooting a new film.

Twenty-one years ago, she ran away. And all these years later, Carlotta (Marion Cotillard, Inception) is back from the void. But Ismael (Mathieu Amalric, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly) has been busy rebuilding a life for himself with Sylvia (Charlotte Gainsbourg, Antichrist), and working on his next feature film. As Ismael’s trials and tribulations unfurl, so too do those of his film’s protagonist: the idle, funny and reckless diplomat Ivan Dédalus (Louis Garrel, Le Redoutable).


Mathieu Amalric (Ismaël Vuillard) , Marion Cotillard (Carlotta Bloom) , Charlotte Gainsbourg (Sylvia)





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