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1h 39m Horror, Comedy, Mystery 1989

An ordinary teenage boy discovers his family is part of a gruesome orgy cult for the social elite.

Billy Whitney (Billy Warlock, Baywatch, General Hospital), a model rich kid and prefect at the Beverley Hills Academy who enjoys rubbing oil on his girlfriend at the pool, is inexplicably embroiled in a spiralling web of fear and paranoia when he crashes a perverse socialite gathering that turns into a shocking, and sticky, shunting ritual.

Legendary schlock producer, Brian Yuzna (Re-animator, Return of the Living Dead), creates a tense and gory work of horrific social satire in his directorial debut. After 4 minutes were censored for its American release, Society is now presented totally uncut and uncensored, including full restoration of the infamous orgy scene.


Ben Meyerson (Ferguson) , Billy Warlock (Bill Whitney) , Devin DeVasquez (Clarissa Carlyn) , Evan Richards (Milo)


Brian Yuzna




Japan, USA

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